Hurdles to graduate employment lowered_1

Hurdles to graduate employment lowered
(Photo/SHI YU/CHINA DAILY)Clinical and veterinary medicine grads encouraged to work in rural areasCollege students majoring in clinical medicine will be able to work as village doctors upon graduation and veterinary medicine graduates will be able to work as rural veterinarians under measures introduced by the State Council to reduce the barriers they face in finding jobs.At its executive meeting on June 24, the Cabinet approved a pilot reform in 16 provincial-level areas that will allow graduates majoring in clinical medicine with experience in clinical practice to apply for the professional qualification required to become a village doctor without having to take exams.In explaining the decision, the Cabinet said finding jobs for college graduates will be an arduous task this year, and more reforms are needed to break down barriers faced by job seekers and expand the employment channels available to them.The measure will also help meet the huge demand in rural areas by reinvigorating the village doctor system, and the demand for vets to contribute to the development of the livestock sector and animal disease control in rural areas, the Cabinet said.The meeting also decided to push forward revisions to laws and regulations so that students majoring in veterinary medicine can sit professional qualification exams while in college so they are qualified vets upon graduation.Vets who graduate from polytechnic schools or higher education institutions will no longer need approval to practice in rural areas after they file their academic records with the authorities, the Cabinet said.Premier Li Keqiang said at the meeting that China’s shortage of talent in clinical and veterinary medicine was compounded by the fact that many college graduates who have received professional training are forced to spend a large amount of time preparing for qualification exams.”We must remove such unreasonable barriers to job entry and resort to all measures at our disposal to help with the employment of college graduates,” he said.Li emphasized that pre-job training must be offered to newly employed village doctors and veterinarians, and the government must step up its oversight and roll out incentives such as subsidies.”All government department must come up with more ways to create jobs with a greater sense of urgency. The various kinds of job qualifications must be further streamlined through reform,” he said, adding that the government will bolster compliance oversight and services to expand employment channels for college graduates.China’s college graduates are having a more difficult time finding jobs amid the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Fu Linghui said early last month that the unemployment rate among college graduates has risen, with a record 8.74 million fresh graduates this year. Under the impact of the pandemic, the nation created 1.37 million fewer jobs in the first five months of this year than in the same period last year.He warned that the jobless rate could become even higher in the coming months as more college graduates enter the job market.Wang Ting, a professor who has conducted research on youth employment at the China University of Political Science and Law, said the Cabinet’s decision to remove barriers to job entry will significantly shorten the time required for college graduates to find jobs and reduce the cost.”Many qualification exams are intended to set up a bar so that applicants can meet the requirements for certain jobs,” he said. “However, they also pose obstacles for college graduates to find jobs.”Wang said practical experience is the most important factor in determining competency in many professions, and that excelling in a qualification exam is no guarantee of proficiency.Lowering barriers to entry for many professions will also guide college students to focus more on gaining practical experience, which will help them in their future job hunting, he said.With the mounting pressure faced by college graduates this year, Wang said colleges and education authorities should take measures to help alleviate the mental pressure on students in addition to taking steps to help them find jobs.China’s rural doctor shortage worsened last year, with 792,000 village doctors around the country, down by 53,000 or 6.3 percent compared with the previous year, according to a report released by the National Health Commission.The number of rural clinics was down by 6,000 last year, the report said.Li Qiu, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and dean of the Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, said in a suggestion to this year’s NPC session that the public health system in rural areas is vulnerable because the number of village doctors is far from adequate and their professional ability is far from satisfactory.The subsidies offered by the government to rural doctors were also insufficient and the government must bolster their income to prevent the loss of talent, she said.

博导为女儿改成绩保研,教育资源不能成一些“学二代”家的自留地 – 每日快评_孩子

博导为女儿改成绩保研,教育资源不能成一些“学二代”家的自留地 | 每日快评_孩子
博导为女儿改成果保研,教育资源不能成一些“学二代”家的自留地 | 每日快评 进一步要求高校和学界加强自查自纠,对学术不端、学术造假等行为真实做到“零忍受”,而不是睁一只眼闭一只眼,既当运动员又当裁判员,容许违规手法抢占有限的教育资源。 首发:“新华每日电讯”微信公号(ID:xhmrdxwx) 作者:新华每日电讯评论员蒋芳 近来,网曝西南交通大学茅以升学院2016级学生陈玉钰保研造假被保送至中科大,遭到遍及重视。6月19日,该校以成果造假撤销陈玉钰的推免资历,包含陈玉钰父亲陈帆在内的多名相关责任人受处置。 有个比方很形象,假如你在厨房里看见了一只甲由,这说明厨房里很可能还有一大堆甲由。事实证明,每一个意外爆出的“大事端”背面,往往都藏着几百上千个早该纠偏的“小故事”。从媒体的调查和校园通报的细节中不难发现,陈同学一路“生长”都离不开爸爸妈妈“保驾护航”,也正是代庖成了习气,两位学者一步步抛弃了操行,终究发展为篡改成果,一家三口联名宣布中心期刊论文,把“教育公平”四个大字踩在脚底重复冲突。 更令人担忧的是,相似的“学二代”家长不在少数。学术圈家长的做法更荫蔽,例如,有高校教师将自己的科研成果安到孩子身上,还送去参赛拿奖。有的教师用自己的著作给子女办个人画展,拿到保送加分。 一位博士曾遇见导师孩子在爸爸妈妈试验室里摆pose录视频,又拿着导师带的硕士博士的论文去挂名宣布,他说:“咱们这种985硕博士,辛辛苦苦给领导孩子写课外实践陈述,而他们的子女,轻轻松松拿着陈述参与各种评奖,不知道在哪个环节就把咱们普通家庭的孩子‘干掉’了。” 现如今,跟着特长生、比赛生培育与升学加分全面脱钩,行政权利、财富权利干涉升学的空间进一步被揉捏,但学术权利却很难消除。正如媒体总结的,这种“钻空子”有三大特色:一是门槛高,监督难;二对错直接,取证难;三是圈子化,审阅难。假如不是内部告发,很难从外监督。 有关人士以为,看护教育公平底线,不能让优质教育资源变成一些“学二代”家的自留地。要进一步要求高校和学界加强自查自纠,对学术不端、学术造假等行为真实做到“零忍受”,而不是我们都是混一个圈子的,你的孩子也是我的孩子,睁一只眼闭一只眼,既当运动员又当裁判员,容许违规手法抢占有限的教育资源。 从山东冠县的陈春秀被滥竽充数上大学、西南交大陈玉钰事情,到前不久热议的演员仝卓高考作弊事情……高考的日期越来越近,大众的重视、媒体的聚集、社会的反思,既有助于警示违规者,也有利于保证教育公平。 规劝那些仍在尽力的“陈玉钰式”家长,对子女出路的关爱不该危害公平公平的底线,不然,今日的“糖”很可能会变成明日的“锤”、后天的“坑”,爬得越高、摔得越重。 监制:易艳刚 | 责编:刘晶瑶 | 校正:赵岑

Disney postpones ‘Mulan’ release again amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Disney postpones ‘Mulan’ release again amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
Disney’s upcoming epic fantasy war drama film “Mulan” has been postponed again to August amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced on Friday.The China-set live-action film was first scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on March 27 but was later rescheduled to July 24 due to the pandemic. Hollywood studios delayed nearly all of their big-budget movies in the United States and other countries as theaters were shut down in an effort to combat the coronavirus.The film is now slated to open on Aug. 21.”While the pandemic has changed our release plans for ‘Mulan’ and we will continue to be flexible as conditions require, it has not changed our belief in the power of this film and its message of hope and perseverance,” Alan Horn, co-chairman and chief creative officer, and Alan Bergman, co-chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, said in a statement.”Director Niki Caro and our cast and crew have created a beautiful, epic, and moving film that is everything the cinematic experience should be, and that’s where we believe it belongs — on the world stage and the big screen for audiences around the globe to enjoy together,” the statement said.Based on the legend of an ancient Chinese heroine, the film is an adaptation of Disney’s 1998 animated film of the same name. Mulan, according to folk legend, lived during a tumultuous era in Chinese history more than 1,400 years ago. She disguised herself as a man to serve in the army in place of her aged father and fight for her country.”Mulan,” which cost 200 million U.S. dollars to make, stars Liu Yifei in the title role following a year-long global casting, with Gong Li as a powerful and dangerous witch, Donnie Yen as an army commander, and Jet Li as the emperor of China.The announcement came one day after the decision of Warner Bros. to delay the release date for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” for the second time. The film was pushed back from July 31 to Aug. 12.Both “Mulan” and “Tenet” were considered to help theaters to welcome back moviegoers this summer amid the pandemic. “Mulan” was supposed to be the first major Hollywood film to hit the big screen after theaters were planning to reopen in phases next month.The delay of “Mulan” and “Tenet” cast a shadow on theaters’ reopening plans. AMC Theaters, the largest U.S. movie theater chain, said in a statement last week that it will resume theater operations at approximately 450 U.S. locations on July 15, and at approximately 150 remaining locations on July 24, in time for “Mulan” and “Tenet.” But a number of U.S. states saw a surge in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations this week.The Washington Post commented that “the move means that the month of July, which in recent years has seen mega-blockbusters from ‘The Lion King’ to ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Transformers’ to many ‘Harry Potter’ films, will not have a major new movie for the first time in the modern era.””Disney has delayed the theatrical release of ‘Mulan’ for a third time, all but officially putting an end to Hollywood’s hopes of salvaging a summer movie season,” Variety magazine noted.Variety also pointed out that “Mulan” is expected to strongly resonate in China.”But Chinese movie theaters are all currently closed, without a known reopening date. Given the importance of ‘Mulan’ in China, it would have been risky to release the movie and leave Chinese audiences behind,” the U.S. magazine said.

前瞻-辽宁易帅后首战青岛 广东迎天津剑指19连胜

前瞻:辽宁易帅后首战青岛 广东迎天津剑指19连胜

辽媒-21岁国手加盟无障碍 辽篮3年前就已未雨绸缪

辽媒:21岁国手加盟无障碍 辽篮3年前就已未雨绸缪
正处于新老交替的要害时刻,尤其是内线后备力气急需弥补的辽宁本钢男篮总算迎来了一个好音讯!此前曾入选过我国男篮集训队的旅美小将张镇麟,有望在下个赛季披上辽篮战袍登陆CBA赛场!张镇麟是一名出生于1999年的年青球员,身高2.08米,可以担任小前锋和大前锋这两个方位。由于他的母亲是前我国女篮名宿、现辽宁省体育局副局长王芳,由于家庭的熏陶,张镇麟从小喜欢篮球,并且在少年时期就进入辽宁男篮的队伍承受专业篮球练习。更重要的是,一向以来辽宁球迷都期盼着这名优异的年青球员可以参与辽篮,为家园球队征战CBA联赛。不过由于张镇麟此前挑选旅美留学,参与了NCAA,因而关于他何时完毕学业回国,是否会走职业联赛的道路,都存在许多不确认性。不过在近来,关于张镇麟未来的发展方向总算根本确认。据本报记者了解,张镇麟现已和辽篮方面达到一致意见,将会暂时中止在美国的学业,在本年正式加盟辽篮。假如一切顺利的话,张镇麟有望从下赛季开端就披上辽篮战袍出现在CBA赛场上。一向以来,关于张镇麟登陆CBA最大的疑问,便是他是否需求以大学生球员身份参与选秀。在许多人看来,下一年举办的全运会将是确认张镇麟身份的一个要害节点,由于依照现有的CBA球员注册规则,假如在张镇麟代表辽宁打过全运会的状况下,就可以确认他是辽篮青训系统培育出的球员,然后无需通过选秀。不过从现在了解到的状况来看,是否出战全运会现已不是张镇麟加盟辽篮的要害。由于早在三年前,张镇麟就现已在篮协齐备了相关手续,被确认为辽宁男篮青训培育的球员,这样一来他也可以无需通过选秀,直接依照青年队球员升入一线队的方法签约辽篮。别的,关于张镇麟来说,尽管早已具有了直接加盟辽篮征战CBA的先决条件,可是详细登陆CBA的时刻,本来也一向悬而未决。辽篮方面一向十分垂青这名有着极高天分的新星,很长时刻以来都一向在与他进行相关细节的交流。本赛季,辽篮在前面三十轮竞赛中,现已露出出了一些阵型结构不行合理,尤其是内线和锋线储藏力气缺乏的问题。因而,沙龙方面也愈加火急地巴望可以有新鲜血液参与到阵型傍边。在本年一月下旬,阴历大年三十儿的晚上,辽篮沙龙总经理李洪庆就曾专程前往美国新奥尔良,与张镇麟商谈本年提早回国参与CBA联赛的事宜。到现在为止,两边的交流获得实质性发展,现已根本确认了张镇麟下赛季将代表辽篮参与CBA联赛。张镇麟的加盟,将给辽篮在3号位和4号位上,添加阵型的厚度,也提高了球队的全体高度。更为重要的是,凭仗张镇麟超卓的身体条件,以及厚实的技能根底,信任通过一段时刻联赛的历练之后,必定会为辽篮的全体实力带来有用的提高。不过,由于CBA联赛关于球员注册有着适当严厉的规则,在本赛季完毕之前任何沙龙都无法为下赛季的参赛球员提早进行注册。并且下个赛季开端,球员也需求签署新版的联赛合同,这些都需求比及本赛季完毕之后的休赛期内进行操作。所以辽篮在现阶段还无法与张镇麟进行正式的签约,这也意味着辽宁球迷假如想看到辽篮方面正式宣告张镇麟加盟的音讯,还需求耐性等候一段时刻。辽沈晚报首席记者 高鹏

AC米兰猛人2020年79分钟1球 全意甲仅次于C罗

AC米兰猛人2020年79分钟1球 全意甲仅次于C罗
直播吧6月29日讯 北京时间今日清晨完毕的意甲联赛中,AC米兰主场2-0打败罗马,雷比奇在竞赛第76分钟经过一粒进球,协助米兰获得抢先,获得复赛后的两连胜,而雷比奇在上一轮对阵莱切的竞赛中也获得了进球。  据米兰新闻网的统计数据显现,进入2020年今后,雷比奇的意甲联赛进球已经有8粒,他均匀每79分钟就能获得一粒进球(无点球),他的2020年进球功率乃至超过了现在意甲射手榜排名榜首的因莫比莱(每95分钟一球)和伊利契奇(每84分钟一球)。  在意甲联赛中,雷比奇2020年的进球功率仅次于C罗(每69分钟一球)。雷比奇现在租赁效能于米兰,本赛季雷比奇进场21次,其间12次首发,奉献9球1助攻。